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Bravia Club - is the updated social reality with the access to the unique opportunities. Open the new horizon of the reality with the open-minded look. Break stereotypes. Allow yourself maximum with Bravia Club!

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Be Brealist

Bravia Club - simple decision which will grant you freedom of choice to spend, safe, invest and multiply your savings and earnings. Here and now with the innovative fintech application. Profitable and easy.


How it works

By becoming BRealist, club members have card blanche to manage their lifestyle:
access to the best fintech services, crypto transactions, option to obtain bank card of the most reputable banks, prepaid and fuel cards from the Club partners and the unique service of the efficient and enjoyable use of goods and services under Club expenses, cash-back higher than the bank one and consuming of Club products. Membership fee is your access to the Bravia Club.



Go through a simple registration form. All your data in the BReality is protected by EU law.


Pay membership fee

One-time pay membership fee. You can return it at any time if you want to exit BReality.


Enjoy the priviledges

In addition to the best fintech services, use unique goods and services at the expense of the Club, while receiving a profitable cash-back.

Outstanding Fintech services for BRealists

Bravia Club membership card

Basically, your membership Club card is the discount to your initial privilege request:

For example, if the club fee for a privilege is 5,000 Euro and you do not have active services, the amount payable will be 4,500 Euro (with a contribution of 500 Euro).

Banks card

Outstanding Fintech services for BRealists

Bank Card

For Bravia Club members we offer bank cards from the most reputable financial institutions worldwide. whenever is your place of residence, we will do our best to gain you the access to the bank services of Bravia Platform and card, which will be issued under your name.

• purchasing all over the world
• account top-up
• cash withdrawal
• funds transactions
• online purchasing
• cash-back receiving

Banks card

Outstanding Fintech services for BRealists

Services for solving your daily tasks

• multicurrency bank accounts
• transfer funds from card to card
• Western Union and TransferWise money transfers
• SMS banking in your smartphone
• payment of utility services
• payment for communication services
• bank receipts and references
• reporting income and expenses for any period
• savings accounts with favorable rates

Banks card

Unique experience of goods and services consumption under the Club expenses


Only brand-new models for your convenience

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SIM-card with prepaid minutes and data

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Full-cover insurance policy at the high-reputable insurance companies

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New car right from the nearest auto-dealer

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Here you will find answers for the most frequent questions. Did not find what you were looking for? Send us the request.

How many members are currently registered in the Club?

At the moment the amount of Club Members is more than 1700

What should I do to become the member?

You need to proceed with the simple registration procedure and pay the membership fee. Depending on the deposit amount you’ll be granted with the access to the privileges. To find out more please contact our managers by the phone +34 644 59 83 82

How to withdraw my membership fee?

This is an easy process - you need to contact our manager by phone +34 644 59 83 82.
In case you have one or several privileges activated, you may choose to return them or to keep them, but with the obligation to purchase it (for example, in case you request BMW under the privilege option, you need to return the car or we will return the membership fee, reduced with the car price). When all privileges are returned or purchased, we will transfer your membership fee to the details you provided.

How can you provide such privileges?

We have a large network of partners for whom we are a market-place. Due to the large number of customers we give them, they provide us with their goods and services on special, non-market conditions.

What guarantees do you provide for the safety of a membership fee?

By making a membership fee, you will receive an insurance policy for the deposited amount from Lloyds insurance company. It says that even if Bravia cannot refund your membership fee (which, as you yourself understand, is excluded), Lloyds undertakes to return 100% of the amount to you.

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